What is the production process for stainless steel woven screen mesh?

The production process can be divided into weaving, welding, stretching, punching, and other methods. According to different processes and material forms, it can be divided into: stainless steel woven square hole mesh, stainless steel welding mesh, stainless steel plate mesh, stainless steel punching mesh, and other varieties.

1. Stainless steel woven mesh: Production process: There are five methods available: plain weave, 14 mesh stainless steel mesh available in stock, twill weave, plain weave Dutch weave, twill Dutch weave, and reverse Dutch weave. Mesh size: 20-3000 mesh. Wire diameter: 0.03-0.4mm, width: 5 meters larger; The length is generally 30 meters, and special specifications are pending.

2. Stainless steel welded mesh: Stainless steel welded mesh is made by welding high-quality stainless steel wire, with a flat mesh surface, uniform mesh, and firm welding points. Mesh size: 3mm -200mm. Wire diameter: 0.5mm -6.0mm Width: 3 meters larger. The length is generally 30 meters, with a Zhejiang 14 mesh stainless steel mesh, and the special specifications are yet to be determined.


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