Classification of metal wire mesh

Stainless steel guardrail net, also known as protective net, is commonly referred to as isolation fence by southerners and guardrail net by northerners due to regional differences.

The guardrail network in China is mainly divided into railway guardrail network, bridge guardrail network, highway guardrail network, sports fence network, airport fence network, and so on (with extremely wide applications). According to type, it can be divided into: frame guardrail network, triangular bent guardrail network, double-sided wire guardrail network, double circle guardrail network, wavy guardrail network, blade barbed fence network - guardrail network, barbed rope guardrail network, immersion plastic guardrail network, and so on (diversified types).

Characteristics of community guardrail network: woven and welded. Usage of community guardrail net: Used for guardrail protection in highways, railways, airports, residential areas, ports and docks, gardens, livestock breeding, and other areas. Features of residential fence products: anti-corrosion, anti-aging, sun resistance, weather resistance, and other characteristics.


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